Term & Conditions :

- IB have to had an account in HIGHLOW365 platform

- IB can get a referral website link through customer service that can be used for the referral customers to register

- IB will get a commission of 5% of every transaction made by referral customers

- Commission 5% will be calculated from the amount of funds invested in each transaction made by a referral customer

- Commission will be accumulated and will be transferred into IB's real account no later than 11.00 AM daily

- If the accumulated transaction of referral customers has reached Rp 100.000.000, a bonus of 1% will be given

- Commissions that have been obtained can be used to trade or make withdrawals


Term & Conditions :

- Transaction period 27 April 2020 at 09:00 - 3 May 2020 at 23.59

- All traders are entitled to join the program by making a minimum deposit of 100,000 and make a confirmation to the customer service

- This program cannot be combined with other programs

- Each participant is required to follow Instagram: @highlow_365 and Facebook: Highlow Binary Options

- Within the specified transaction period the trader has the option to make a deposit of more than once

- Calculation will be based on the percentage of profit compared to the amount of capital after the trader made the last deposit

- The winner will be given a prize of Rp 1,000,000

- The remaining balance after the program's period ends will be given to the traders

- The leaderboard will be updated daily

- The winner's transaction will be published on HIGHLOW's website as proof

- The company's decision is inviolable


Terms & Condition :
  • Valid for new register only
  • The trading period is 30 days after successful account registration
  • Every trader only eligible for 1 attempt to register new account and join the Demo Challenge Program
  • Only applied for accounts with an initial capital of 1 million Rupiah (in system 1.000) upon the completion of registration
  • BONUS will be given in CASH that can be withdrawn or transferred to a Real Account in HIGHLOW365
  • In terms of a BONUS was transferred to a Real Account, then the trader are entitled to join the second program which is HIGHLOW365REALCHALLENGE
  • BONUS that can be claimed is the amount of net profit that was gained from trading with maximum value of 2 million rupiah (2.000 in the system)
    • Example :
      • If the balance in demo account on the end of the period is 2.500, then the BONUS that will be accounted is 1.500
  • BONUS can be claimed after it reached the requirement of 20x turnover* (20.000)
    • Example :
      • 1st trade is 1.000 HIGH, the trade gained profit for 800 (depends on the current payout), therefore the balance account will be 1.800, and the turnover is 1.000
      • 2nd trade is 1.000 HIGH, then the turnover will be 2.000
      • 3rd trade is 1.000 LOW dan use double for 1.000, then the turnover will be 4.000
    • *Turnover is the amount of money that has been traded in the account
  • The company has the right to cancel the program for those who have been proven for a fraudulent act


Terms & Condition :
  • Valid for trader that have successfully participated in the HIGHLOW365 DEMO CHALLENGE
  • The trading period is 30 days after the BONUS have been successfully transferred to the Real Account
  • For transfer confirmation into the Real Account can be done thru highlow365.com customer service
  • BONUS will be given after it reached 20x turnover. The amount of the BONUS will be based on your initial balance of the real account
  • If the balance accounted after the turnover reached 20x less than the initial capital, then the BONUS cannot be obtained
  • If any withdrawal made before it reached 20x turnover then automatically the program will be canceled
  • The company has the right to cancel the program for those who have been proven for a fraudulent act

Choose Account Based on Your Needs

We offer 3 different types of accounts for you to choose from, based on your investment levels and needs.
Accounts vary in size, so make a deposit and assign the privileges to get started.



  • Minimum Initial Deposit IDR 100.000
  • Max per Trade IDR 1.000.000
  • Max Open per Contract IDR 5.000.000
  • Max Open per User IDR 10.000.000
  • Min per Trade IDR 10.000
  • No Spread
  • No Commission
  • No Fees
  • -