Frequently Asked Questions

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1What platform is this?
We are a platform for Binary Option Trading. We provide range of products to be traded in the market from currency pairs, commodities and stocks.
2What is binary option?
Binary Option is a financial product with a very simple trading method. It is either the price is above, below or at the strike price when the contract ended. Each of our available products have numbers of contract ending varying from 30 seconds to months. You can simply sign up for practice account and try, or you can take a look at our short tutorial videos.
3What's the difference between Binary Option and Forex?
Binary Option is a much simplified version of Forex, with clear payout and contract end for every transaction you made. You only need to choose whether it's up or down, and choose the timeframe. When your guess is correct then you got the payout according to the contract made when the transaction made. The main advantage that differs Binary Option with Forex is we don't have any spread nor commission, whiile in forex whenever you open a transaction, the first state of the transaction will be a loss because of the commission and spread implied
4How much is the Minimum Deposit?
You can start trading in the real account with only 100.000 IDR, with minimum investment per transaction is 10.000 IDR.
5How long is the withdrawal process?
Our withdrawal process is quite fast, usually around 15 minutes in the working hours, with maximum of 1 working day
6What data do i need to provide to open a demo account?
  • Full Name
  • Birthdate and Birthplace
  • Mobile Number
  • Email Address
Please make sure you provide us with your active Mobile Phone and Email
7What's the difference between HighLow365 with other platforms?
We offer you more privacy by not asking for ID number nor selfie.
We are also more affordable with only 100.000 IDR minimum initial investment.
We also offer our clients more contract timeframe, from as short as 30 seconds to as long as months.
8Which strategy can give me constant profit?
There are many strategies that can be implemented in our trading that can give us profit. We suggest that you use both technical analysis and fundamental analysis. There are vaious technical indicator that we can use to analize, the simplest one we can implements are the SMA, RSI, MACD and Bolinger Band. Make sure you're aware of the latest news that is the fundamental drive of the prices.
9Is there any Bonus or Promotion in HighLow365?
We always update available bonus or promotion through our site. You can check for it anytime. We usually have daily or monthly bonus, there's also conditional bonus.
10How do you get my phone number?
We got your number through our database system, where we have list of potential clients that have financial understanding. Please take a look at our trading platform by clicking here, or for the professional can just register for real accounts with only 100.000 IDR investment.
11Is the price change drive the same with the forex?
We use reliables price sources like bloomberg and reuters, so the prices should be pretty much alike, therefore the variables that drive the price change or the graphic movement is the same
12How do I determine a price trend whether it's uptrend or downtrend?
You can use our tools of technical indicator like SMA or Bolinger Band.
13What're the good timeframes to enter a position?
Our products came from all over the world so some products are not available for 24 hours like the stocks traded in the US Market will be available only in the trading time of US Markets. Click here to check the assets and the trading hours
14Can i do withdrawal of any amount?
You can withdraw some or all of your money except the bonus before you reach a certain turnover. But the minium transfer value of bank transfer is 10.000 IDR
15How to prevent loss on the last seconds?
  • Avoid short term contracts especially on the sideway graphic
  • Avoid flat or sideway chart
16What are the requirements for withdrawal?
  • Verified account name, email and phone number
  • Verified bank account number, make sure the account number used is the same as the bank account number used to deposit for the first time
Notes : If there's a change of account number or any other special circumstances, we will require a photo of Identification card and selfie.
17If the account is idle for long time, will the account be locked or the fund reduced?
We don't lock out our client if they've been idle for some time, but we will contact them to ask if any issue happen.
As for the fund, we don't charge our client with any administration fee or any other fee, so the fund won't change if the client never do anything.
18How to deactivate an account?
Just leave it be, nothing needs to be done
19If I run out of fund in the demo account, can it be funded?
no, we can't fund demo account, but you can start trading for real with only 100.000 IDR
20Are the features in the web and apps the same?
Yes, they're mostly the same. But we keep on updating our system to serve our clients better form time to time
21Can a minor (under 17 years old) sign up?
We don't encourage this because it's quite risky
22Do i got charged when performing deposit/withdrawal?
Withdrawal to a different bank accounts than the 4 major banks (BCA, Mandiri, BRI, BNI) are charged by the bank, not by us